For most of us, first impressions count for more than we might like to think. This is especially true when it comes to our shopping.

Studies have frequently shown that the vast majority of customers will make purchase decisions based on the packaging that an item arrives in. This is why the unboxing experience is such a critical component of business success.

If you run any sort of e-commerce store, custom bubble mailers can be your secret weapon for standing out and turning those one-tome buyers into lifelong loyal customers. Here are five ways that you can use bubble mailer design to boost your business. 

1. Brand Power

Good business branding is all about being distinct, noticeable, and memorable. When a customer orders from you online, your mailer is the first physical contact they will have with your business.

This is your chance to use professional presentation, unique design, and even some clever sloganeering to really drive your brand identity home.

2. Quality Control

Let’s not forget that bubble mailers offer a range of practical benefits. They offer package cushioning that will keep most fragile items safe, no matter the delivery journey. They offer total scratch and abrasion resistance.

The bubbles disperse pressure in a way that maintains the integrity of the product for long periods of time. If you care about quality, invest in the right mailer.

3. Better Sustainability

We know that customers care more about sustainability practices than ever before. The right bubble mailers are your chance to make the impact they expect to see.

Most bubble mailers are recyclable these days, and they offer a means to use safe packaging with a fraction of the materials or the waste of other options, no matter the mailer size.

4. A Better Customer Journey

The customer journey does not need to end after the buyer clicks “pay for order”. A bubble mailer can provide a rich, memorable, and pleasant unboxing experience that will associate your brand with quality and keep them coming back for more.

This is why luxury clothing brands and the likes of Apple invest so much in their packaging – because opening it is one of the best parts of the experience. 

5. Free Promo

Speaking of unboxing, don’t forget about the value of this experience for your brand promo and marketing. If you really go all-out with eye-catching bubble mailers, it’s much more likely that your buyers will create photos and videos for social media featuring your products and their unboxing.

You can even use your bubble mailers for your own branded content. This is just one way to get more value out of your packaging.

Get the Custom Bubble Mailers Your Business Deserves 

We know that getting your goods safely from A to B is essential to your business success. We also go one step further, and believe that your packaging can grow your business, rather than simply provide a practical function.

If you’re interested in seeing what custom bubble mailers can do for your bottom line, reach out to the team at Packaging Fulfillment today.