Finding the right packaging supplier can feel like a daunting task for a growing business. This is especially true if you need custom boxes with a logo.

With this guide, we will take the worry and frustration out of this decision so you can get back to growing your company.

Knowing what questions to ask will make all the difference in choosing the right packaging supplier. Here are some tips that will lead you to the best packaging supplier.

Identify Your Product Packaging Needs

The best way to start is by writing out a list of your specific needs.

Do you need corrugated box manufacturers, or does the material not make a difference? Do you plan on having custom boxes with logos? We strongly recommend having your logo on every box because this is invaluable to brand recognition.

Next, what is your budget? Even if your marketing budget is not high, custom packaging can help grow your business. Custom packaged products are a form of marketing in themselves.

Having a rock-solid foundation and knowing your exact needs will help you identify the best packaging supplier for your product.

Review Packaging Suppliers MOQs

Growing businesses must always be cautious about budgeting. MOQs (minimum order quantities) can lead your company to spend more money than necessary.

Finding a business with low MOQs will help you avoid large upfront costs. It will also give you the chance to see success in your product before investing heavily into packaging.

Low MOQs give you the chance to experiment with seasonal designs, as well. This can add a personal characteristic to your product packaging.

Find Out if Product Packaging Suppliers Have Sustainable Materials

Customers are more concerned with sustainability than ever before. IMB and the National Retail Federation reported that 57% of consumers will change their purchasing behaviors to reduce environmental impact.

With public concern over sustainability so prominent, working with a product packaging company that offers “green” services provides another differentiator to share with customers. Even though it might cost more for “green” custom packaging services, McKinsey Sustainability found that customers are willing to cover the cost.

Product Packing Customer Service

Lastly, make sure the packaging supplier you work with is a group you will enjoy having a business relationship with.

Just like with every business relationship, the best price does not mean it will be the best experience. If your packaging supplier is bad at communicating or slow to get you your custom packaging, you will regret trying to save a few bucks.

Work with someone you can rely on. Packaging is an essential piece to the success of your product. Don’t let your success be undermined by subpar service.

The Best Packaging Supplier for You

Just as unique as your product, the best packaging supplier for you will not be the same as the business next door. Do your due diligence and work with someone as committed to your success as you are.

To learn how we can help grow your business with the right custom packaging, visit our services page today.