There are over 30 million small businesses in the United States. Once you learn about custom packaging benefits, you’ll want custom packaging for your own business.

99.9% of U.S. businesses are small businesses. Small business owners must be smart about spending money. Rest assured, custom packaging is one of the smartest business decisions you’ll ever make.

Custom packaging gives you a competitive edge. After all, it helps you stand out more than your competitors do.

Here are five of the best benefits of custom packaging:

1. Improves Customer Experience

Receiving a package is exciting, but it’s especially exciting when you receive a parcel with custom packaging. It creates more feelings of excitement in customers than regular packages do.

The more attractive your packaging is, the more your customers will enjoy opening it. Custom packaging makes a package feel more like a present than anything else. If leveraged correctly, it also improves the unboxing experience with strong brand storytelling.

It also creates a strong impression with the following benefits:

2. Branding Benefits

The brand benefits of custom packaging are immense! Nothing creates stronger brand impressions than branded custom packaging. That’s why it’s especially important for online businesses to use custom packaging as part of their branding strategy.

Custom packaging also increases brand awareness. After all, it’s a golden chance to flaunt your logo design and brand colors. Branded packaging also makes customers feel like your brand cares about them, which improves your brand relationships.

To increase branding benefits, always make custom packaging stand out with creativity. Including a promotional item or “freebie” with each package is a good way to sweeten the deal.

3. Added Protection

You get more protection for products with custom packaging than you do with standard packaging. It’s because products packed into standard packages are more likely to get damaged in transit than products in custom packages are.

Keep in mind that custom packaging is designed with your specific products in mind. Therefore, your products will fit easier into custom packaging and stay more secure during transit.

The following benefit plays a huge role in this increased protection:

4. Custom Size Options

With custom packaging, you have a variety of different box sizes to choose from. This helps you pack products with better security and make effective use of box space.

When you customize packaging, you get to choose its specifications. This empowers you to design packaging at sizes that suit your business. You’ll never have to worry about packages being too spacious or cramped ever again.

5. Cost of Delivery

Shipping custom packages will typically cost less than shipping standard packages. The savings might not be immediate, but they add up over time. 

Postage is less costly for custom packages. Custom packages also need less packing material to protect products from damage. Overall, these factors reduce delivery costs.

Embrace Your Custom Packaging Benefits

There are 620,125 small businesses in Tennessee alone. Knowing about custom packaging benefits will help you design your own packaging.

If your brand values compassion, try using eco-friendly packaging. Aligning your brand with helping the environment will improve your brand image.

Pack more power into each package—check out our box selection. It’s a big step toward improving your packaging.