Have you considered putting your logo on packaging? Not just some packaging, either. We mean most, if not all, of the packaging you use when shipping to customers.

It’s a terrific way to make a lasting impression.

We’re sure you know that your business logo—if you created a good one—is simple yet distinctive, easily scalable and reproducible, and captures the essence of your brand.

Since we’re a packaging supplier, we have a lot of advice to share about putting your logo on your packaging. Not just in one or two places, or even a couple dozen—but everywhere you can fit them in. Here’s why.

Why Put Your Logo on Packaging?

Perhaps a better question to ask here is, “why wouldn’t you put your logo on your packaging?” When ordering products from you, customers put their faith in your brand.

Seeing your logo once reassures them of your continued existence and readiness to serve them. Seeing it multiple times reminds them of your innovativeness and sense of style.

It’s a package meant to please.

Custom Packaging on the Inside

Let’s consider the inside of a package, where your merchandise sits throughout the shipping process. If it’s clothing or other soft products, you should wrap it in paper, preferably paper that’s recyclable.

We like newsprint—logo newsprint, wrapped and secured with logo stickers. Custom stickers are easy for printing companies to produce. And this strategy lets customers find even more enjoyment (and brand reinforcement) in the unboxing experience.

If your items are fragile, like glassware or electronics, be sure to order EPS foam to protect them from drops, bumps, and other shocks during transit. Having merchandise arrive broken or damaged can only hurt your brand.

Marketing Collateral

Should you include other logo-branded items in the package? Yes! What would good product packaging be without marketing collateral?

Include logo-branded materials such as:

  • Catalogs
  • Brochures
  • Coupons or discount codes
  • Your company’s founding story
  • Announcements for upcoming sales
  • And anything else that can reinforce your brand

Doing this anticipates your customer’s eagerness to explore more of your products and product lines.

Custom Boxes With Logos

We’re pleased to say that custom boxes with logos are our specialty. And our package design ranges from a subtle logo placement near the return address to a colorful blown-up logo that covers the entire box.

Since we’re professional corrugated box manufacturers, we can create custom boxes with logos in all standard shapes and sizes. That means your customers will get a pleasant surprise when they see your brand front and center on the doorstep.

Let’s Call It a Wrap

Any company can put its logo on packaging as a perfunctory gesture, and perhaps also slip a business card inside the package. Could this be too subtle, though?

Where’s the surprise? The excitement to see something new arrive at your home?

At Packaging Fulfillment, we don’t merely fulfill orders for manufacturers and distributors. We also give customers fulfilling experiences when their packages arrive at their homes.

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